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Thermalarm III

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Thermalarm III - Normally Open 390530
Thermalarm III - Normally Closed 390531

Uses sealed magnetic switches to trigger alarm condition. Corrosion resistant. Simple set-hand adjustment.


The Thermalarm III uses sealed magnetic switches to trigger an alarm condition. The Thermalarm III features a contact that will close or open upon the temperature exceeding the high or low temperature alarm set-points, activating an alarm.


  • Corrosion resistant
  • Simple set-hand adjustment
  • Quick to respond to temperature change
  • Works with most alarms
  • Temperature Range: 20° - 110° F

Placement: The Thermalarm’s temperature sensor is included in the unit, so placement of the Thermalarm should be at the site where you wish to monitor the temperature.

Temperature Alarm Set Points: To set the temperature alarm set-points, move the red “set” hands by moving the red knobs at the bottom of the unit to the desired high and low set-point making sure the temperature indicating hand (black) is between the two red set hands. You should have a five to ten degree difference between the normal temperature and your alarm set-points.


  • #390530: Normally Open
  • #390531: Normally Closed

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