Health & Care

Health & Care

Find the supplies you need to take care of the basic health needs of your livestock. Our products include clippers, ear punches, scalpels, elastrators and tail dockers, catheters, collection and breeding supplies, needles and OB forceps. Thermometers, syringes, nippers, extenders and medicators are also available for purchase.
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  1. Seal Kit for Dosatron®

    Starting at $46.49

    QC Part #GR580
  2. Dosatron® D25F Medicator Repair Parts

    Starting at $2.19

    QC Part #GR914
  3. The A.I. Saddle
    QC Part #320910
  4. Dosatron® D128R Medicator
    QC Part #120606
  5. Synergize™ Disinfectant
    $30.49 - $1,380.99
    QC Part #340355
  6. Heavy Duty Band Elastrator
    QC Part #140470
  7. Ag-Tek® Pole Syringe (10cc)
    QC Part #140605
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