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DURA-SLAT® White Overlapping Flooring - 24" x 49.5"

QC Supply Part #: 93611
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This white flooring can help keep poultry floors cleaner than wood slats.

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This high-impact white polypropylene flooring provides superior impact and wear resistance. DURA-SLAT® Poultry Flooring reduces food pad problems, leg problems and breast blisters common with wood slats. It easily outlasts wood slats. Your cleaning time will be reduced with the non-porous smooth surface and 1.1" x 1.1" openings. The large openings also allow the birds to continually work the manure though the openings to maintain a clean environment.

The primary source of contamination of hatching eggs is contact with dirty sources. Eggs laid on square openings, like DURA-SLAT® are significantly cleaner than eggs laid on wooden slats.


  • Resists rotting and corrosion
  • Resists microorganism build up
  • Sheds waste easily
  • Contains Bio-Pruf anti-microbial protection

Additional Details:

  • Available in black (#93615) or white
  • A broken case fee of $50 may occur for orders not in increments of 50 pieces

Installation: It is recommended that you use 2" x 4" (5.08 cm x 10.16 cm) or 2" x 6" (5.08 cm x 15.24 cm) wooden supports. Fasten these support beams to the slat with No. 10 stainless steel head screws with a minimum length of 2" (5.08 cm).

Available Sizes/Styles/Colors:

  • #93165: 24" x 49.5" Black Overlapping
  • #93611: 24" x 49.5" White Overlapping
  • #93334: 24" x 48" Black Non-Overlapping
  • #93610: 24" x 48" White Non-Overlapping
  • #93353: 24" x 60" Black Non-Overlapping
Manufacturer Part Number DS24X48STO
Animal Poultry & Gamebird

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