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Allflex® UM-T Draw-Off Syringe

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Allflex® 2UM-T Draw-Off Syringe 140901
Allflex® 1UM-T Draw-Off Syringe 140859

These syringes have steel plungers (no O-ring) with precision glass barrels.


Allflex® UM-T Draw-Off Syringe


  • Automatic, self-filling tube feed
  • Adaptable to bottle feed
  • Accurately delivers selected dose
  • Ergonomic grip for comfort
  • Steel plunger (no O-ring) with precision glass barrel
  • Adjustable pin-lock handle design

Available Sizes:

  • #140859 1UM-T Syringe: Adjustable from 0.10 mL to 1 mL
  • #140901 2UM-T Syringe: Adjustable from 0.10 mL to 2 mL

Can be used as a bottle mount syringe with bottle attachment and tubing (sold separately).

Brand Allflex
Animal Sheep & Goat, Rabbit, Dog, Cat

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Customer Reviews

  • 2 Stars

    Nice but expensive

    Review by on Jun 7, 2014

    Nice gun but too expensive compared to other similar syringes will be returned

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