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Vanberg Seam Tape

, RC800-2
QC Supply Part #: 470264
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Patch and seal splits, holes, bolt heads and seams,

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When you need to repair holes, loose screw heads, splits and seam separations, reach for Vanberg Seam Tape.

This unique, contouring, self-adhesive and high-strength bonding tape accepts solvent-based coatings (like AMC-100™ and EM-15™) and stands up great to weathering. It will also stop leaks. Just press the tape onto the surface and work into the split, seam or hole.

Application: Cut to size, press the tape onto the surface and work into the seam, hole or over a bolt head. Entire seam lengths can also be taped.

Four Steps to Successful Metal Coatings:

  1. Remove loose rust.
  2. Apply VCS Rust Converter (QC #470261, 470262, 470263).
  3. Repair with VCS Seam Tape (QC #470264).
  4. Coat with AMC-100™ Metal Coating (QC #470255, 470256).

Contents: 2" x 50' roll

Brand Vanberg Coatings
Manufacturer Part Number RC800-2
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