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Vanberg Rust Converter - 1 Gal.

MF #RC900-1
QC Part #
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Prevent rusting and further corrosion on metal surfaces with Vanberg Rust Converter. When applied, this protective compound chemically converts rust into a stable black compound. It will also oxidize other corrosion and scale. A clear layer then forms over the converted rust and serves as a stand-along coating. This coating may be can be covered with VSC Seam Tape, QC Part #470264 or coated with Vanberg AMC-100™ Metal Coating - 1 Gal. Kit, QC Part 470257 or Vanberg EM-15™ Metal Coating - 1 Gal. Kit, QC Part #470260

Applications: Metal roofs, ceilings and walls on livestock, plant, institutional and farm buildings. It is also effective on equipment, boats, tools and virtually any metal structure.

Typical Coverage: Variable — typically up to 500 sq. ft. per gallon

Application: Brush, roller or spray (conventional paint sprayer)

Application Process:

  • Preparation — remove all debris and loose rust flakes with a wire brush or plastic wheel brush on a drill
  • Mixing — shake well
  • Application — uniformly apply by brushing, spraying or rolling product evenly over rusted surface
  • Drying — allow to dry completely (1–2 hours). A clear, hard finish will form and rust will turn black. If any rust is still present, an additional application my be required

Four Steps to Successful Metal Coatings:

  1. Remove loose rust.
  2. Apply VCS Rust Converter; available in 3 sizes: 1 Quart, QC Part #47026120 oz. Spray, QC Part #470262 and 1 Gal. QC Part #470263.
  3. Repair with VCS Seam Tape, QC Part #470264.
  4. Coat with AMC-100™ Metal Coating; available in 2 sizes: 1 Gal., QC Part #470255 and 5 Gal., QC Part #470256.

Available in 3 Sizes:

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