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Vanberg Rust Converter - 1 Gallon

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Stop rust in its tracks with this rust converter and protective compound.

Stop Rust in its Tracks with Vanberg Rust Converter.

It Vanberg Rust Converter chemically converts rust into an inert black coating that protects and prevents future rusting. A clear acrylic layer forms over the converted rust that can be covered with VSC Seam Tape or coated with AMC-100™ or EM-15™ Metal Coatings. The clear acrylic coating will also last as a stand-alone coating.

Applications: Metal roofs, ceilings and walls on livestock, plant, institutional and farm buildings. It is also effective on equipment, boats, tools and virtually any metal structure.

Typical Coverage: Variable — typically up to 500 sq. ft. per gallon

Application: Brush, roller or spray (conventional paint sprayer)

Application Process:

  • Preparation — remove all debris and loose rust flakes with a wire brush or plastic wheel brush on a drill
  • Mixing — shake well
  • Application — uniformly apply by brushing, spraying or rolling product evenly over rusted surface
  • Drying — allow to dry completely (1–2 hours). A clear, hard finish will form and rust will turn black. If any rust is still present, an additional application my be required

Four Steps to Successful Metal Coatings:

  1. Remove loose rust.
  2. Apply VCS Rust Converter (QC #470261, 470262, 470263).
  3. Repair with VCS Seam Tape (QC #470264).
  4. Coat with AMC-100™ Metal Coating.

Available in 3 Sizes:

  • #470262 — 20 oz. Aerosol
  • #470261 — 1 Quart
  • #470263 — 1 Gallon
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