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Stenner H Replacement Pump Tubes - 2/pk

, EC30H-2
QC Supply Part #: 122518
Shipping: Standard
Availability: In stock

Package of 2 H replacement tubes for Stenner pumps.

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This 2 pack of Stenner H Replacement Pump Tubes will keep your Stennicator 1:128 Stenner pump running smoothly. The pump tube is the workhorse of the pump and requires scheduled replacement according to the needs of each individual application. It is perishable and will eventually stop functioning from natural wear or when it reaches the end of its service life.

Indications of the end of service life are:

  • Tube leaks
  • Tube is fatigued causing a reduction or lack of output

The pump tube service life can be reduced by conditions of the application or the installation. These conditions are:

  • Calcium or mineral deposits
  • Sediment blockages
  • Chemical incompatibility
  • Corrosion
  • Improper handling

Pump Tube Pressure Rating; Classic, SVP, M128: 0-25 PSI (0-1.7 bar): #1, 2, 3, 4, 5; 26-100 PSI (1.8-6.9 bar): #1, 2, 7 check valve required

A number or letter is molded into the pump tube fitting to represent the size. Includes 1/4" ferrules.

QC Part #MFG Part #DescriptionPer PackageWorks With
122511 UCCP201 #1 Santoprene® Tube 2 Classic 45MJH1 (#122500) & 85MJH1 (#122505)
122512 UCCP202 #2 Santoprene® Tube 2 Classic 45MJH2 (#122501) & 85MJH2 (#122506)
122515 UCCP205 #5 Santoprene® Tube 2 M128 M0511J (#122521)
122517 UCCP207 #7 Santoprene® Tube 2 Classic 45MJH7 (#122502) & 85MJH7 (#122507); M128 M0711J (#122520)
122518 EC30H-2 Pump Tube H, Ferrules 1/4" 2 Stennicator 1:128 (#122522)
Brand Stenner Pumps
Manufacturer Part Number EC30H-2

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