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Stenner 1:128 Injector 3.5 GPM 100 PSI

, M0711J
QC Supply Part #: 122520
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This 1:128 Stenner Pump is designed to inject 1 oz. for water flow rates up to 3 1/2 gal./min. at pressures up to 100 PSI. Used primarily in the ag industry, these pumps have industrial uses as well.


The Stenner M128 Pump is used primarily in the agricultural industry to treat livestock water with sanitizers, disinfectants, nutrients and medications. They also have industrial/commercial uses as well. The pump injects at a fixed rate of 1 oz../gal.and is actuated by water flow. The pump is started with a signal sent from a dry contact water meter. Water meters wired to a house controller to tally water consumption are suited to start the M128, which has an internal signal splitter.

Since the meter wires are tied into the M128, the pump will run for a fixed amount of time and precisely inject 1 oz. for water flow rates up to 3 1/2 gal./min. at pressures up to 100 PSI. Most livestock operations have a pressure reducer in place to drop pressures to a manageable level at the drinker lines. If higher outputs are needed, injecting after the pressure reducer is an option.

At pressures up to 25 PSI, the Low-pressure Model (#122521) can accommodate 1 oz. per gal. up to 8.4 gal. per min.

  • The M128 system is also available mounted on a panel with a 3/4" meter (#122525 - High PSI or #122526 - Low PSI)
  • 120 volt
Brand Stenner Pumps
Manufacturer Part Number M0711J



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