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Lever Load Binders

Peerless Chain
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Lever Load Binders - 1/4" Chain Size 40837
Lever Load Binders - 5/16" Chain Size 40838
Lever Load Binders - 3/8" Chain Size 40839

Secure your heavy equipment, cargo and more.

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Lever Load Binders are great for securing heavy equipment, cargo and more — they provide more control in binding and releasing without extra tools.The handle closes down away from the load with more leverage and is drop forged from special bar-quality steel. The hooks are made of heat-treated steel. More take-up for binding greater loads and a smaller handle riveted nose to prevent spreading at the critical loading point.

Meets D.O.T. and C.V.S.A. requirements.

#40837 — ¼" Chain Size

  • ¼"/G4 chain rating (size/grade)
  • 3,150 lb. Working Load Limit (W.L.L.)

#40838 — 5/16" Chain Size

  • 5/16"/G7–3/8"/G4 chain rating (size/grade)
  • 5,400 lb. Working Load Limit (W.L.L.)

#40839 — 3/8" Chain Size

  • 3/8"/G7–½"/G4 chain rating (size/grade)
  • 9,200 lb. Working Load Limit (W.L.L.)
Brand Peerless Chain

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