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Scour Bos™ 9 (Novartis) - 10 Dose

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Scour Bos 9 - 10 Dose is a killed bacterin-toxoid vaccine for use in pregnant cows to help prevent baby calf scours caused by rotavirus, coronavirus, C1 perfringes type C and E.Coli K99.

Scour Bos® 9 - 10 Dose is for use in healthy pregnant cattle as an aid in the prevention of disease in calves caused by bovine rotavirus, bovine coronavirus, Clostridium perfringens Type C and K99 piliated Escherichia coli.

Key Feature

  • Calves receiving colostrum from dams vaccinated with Scour Bos 9 showed protection against three major causes of neonatal calf scours, coronavirus, rotavirus and K99 Escherichia coli


  • 2 mL IM 8 to 10 weeks before calving.
  • Revaccinate in 6 weeks with Scour Bos™ 4 (#540252).
  • One dose 8 to 10 weeks prior to subsequent calvings.


  • Store out of direct sunlight at 2°–7°C (35°–45°F) DO NOT FREEZE.
  • Use entire contents when first opened.
  • Do not vaccinate within 60 days prior to slaughter.
  • It is essential that newborn calves receive colostrum from the vaccinated dam.

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