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Kane Electric Baby Pig Heat Mat - 13.5" x 36"

, PHMS-36-110V
QC Supply Part #: 250200
Shipping: Standard
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  • Buy 4 for $87.49 each

30% more efficient than fiberglass mats and 80% more efficient than heat lamps.


Designed for the producer, these durable polyethylene Kane Electric Baby Pig Heat Mats are easy to install, energy efficient and safe. They are 30% more efficient than fiberglass mats and 80% more efficient than heat lamps.

They can be installed on the surface of any type of flooring with maximum flexibility and energy savings when heating crates, free stall and comfort stall creep areas. The unique design maintains the optimal temperature for farrowing environments to reduce stress, improve digestion and promote rapid growth.


  • Large heated surface provides comfortable heat for baby pigs and other animals including reptiles and domestic pets such as dogs (see below for dog house use)
  • Insulated bottom prevents downward heat loss
  • Easy to clean
  • Non-slip surface, made of high density polyethylene
  • 110 volt with 10' cord and 18" stainless steel spring cord protector
  • Left or right cord configuration available
  • Uniform warm surface 20° to 25° above air temperature


  • Weight: 6 lbs.
  • Watts: 65

Available in 6 Sizes:

Recommended Use with Pets: Heat mats work best when mounted to the back or side of the doghouse. This allows your pet to get away from the heat if it gets to hot next to the mat. The Kane Baby Pig Heat Mats can cause burns, so please use with caution. Blankets, straw or hay should never be used with a baby pig heat mat.

Brand Kane Manufacturing
Manufacturer Part Number PHMS-36-110V
Animal Swine



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Customer Reviews

  • 5 Stars

    heat mat

    Review by on Jan 27, 2017

    Excellent produce Provides dependable radiant heat for my tortoises outdoor enclosure

  • 5 Stars

    Very happy

    Review by on Dec 26, 2016

    My African spur tortoise is warm and toasty.it does exactly as promised. Thanks

  • 5 Stars


    Review by on Dec 24, 2016

    I use Baby Pig Mats for heating rescue pig houses. They are attached to the ceiling and 2 will keep a well insulated house stuffed with straw/hay 50 - 60F when it is below 0F outside. Also use them in a dog house attached to the wall. Mine are on 24/7 for about 3 months and I've used 4 of them for 2 yrs with no problems. Wonderful sturdy construction and very easy to put up.

  • 5 Stars

    Works great for barn cats

    Review by on Nov 26, 2016

    We used to have one years ago for our barn cats I'd build a house of hay bales around it and cover the top with plywood and the snuggled on it all winter also kept their water from freezing. Using it for cats in a garage now...The kitten loves it

  • 5 Stars

    Pig Heat Mat

    Review by on Nov 2, 2016

    I get these for my tortoises. Work great for their enclosures in the cold weather. They are very durable, but my Sulcata (a very big boy) always managed to dislodge his and drag it out of the house and eventually muck it up. His is now firmly attached to the wall and we will see how long that lasts.

  • 5 Stars

    kane Heating pad

    Review by on Dec 26, 2015

    Great product I've had another one for 6+ years Use them for my Tortoises Fast Fast delivery on this order

  • 5 Stars

    Excellent product

    Review by on Dec 19, 2015

    I'm ordering my 4th mat! (13.5 x 36). I'm using the newest one on the roof of a small insulated pet pig house (6ft long, 4 ft wide and about 3 ft high). Temp is zero F now and the house is 42F with one mat! I'll use the second for 10F and colder, hope to achieve circa 50 - 60. these things are great. Safe, low wattage, versatile!

  • 5 Stars


    Review by on Aug 7, 2015

    A few people recommended this to us as a heat source for under the whelping box - I have to tell you our experience was 100% satisfaction. We added a thermostat from Amazon and kept it at the lowest setting and it worked perfectly!

  • 4 Stars

    Kane heat mat

    Review by on Jul 30, 2015

    Works well for my Sulcata as well. Does not get too hot and is a highly durable plastic.

  • 5 Stars

    Kane Heat mats are Great!

    Review by on Apr 2, 2015

    I have 5 of these already and purchasing one more as a back up just in case one fails. I have some that are still working after 8 years. The winters can get pretty cold here in Colorado sometimes dipping to 20 below zero for a week or two at a time. Very pleased with these heat mats and there durability can't be beat.

  • 5 Stars


    Review by on Feb 5, 2015

    makes for happy piglets. we should have gotten the bigger one 27x36 but works very well.

  • 5 Stars

    great product

    Review by on Jan 29, 2015

    Used in dog house to replace an older failed unit.works perfectly

  • 5 Stars

    Just as described

    Review by on Jan 25, 2015

    I plugged the pad in and it was ready to go. I would recommend running the cord through PVC pope so that the pigs can't chew on it. In addition, the shipping was just in time.

  • 4 Stars


    Review by on Dec 1, 2014

    The mat works nicely in some respects, but from the ad and picture I expected it to be flexible. I could have curved it around the back of the cat shelter. Oh well. Also nothing was said in the ad about not being able to use it under a blanket etc. But, so far so good.

  • 5 Stars


    Review by on Nov 29, 2014

    Works as advertised.

  • 5 Stars

    Extremely happy with my mat!

    Review by on Nov 28, 2014

    The Kane Baby Pig Heat Mat was purchased for a 4ftx4ftx4ft insulated dog house with small, heavy, flap door. The mat was easily mounted on the rear wall about 1.5 ft from the ground. House is stuffed with straw. Mat is aboe the straw line.
    We live in NW MN near Fargo and temps get about as low as they can go in the lower 48! High's the past two days (Nov) were 0F.
    The dog is an Anatolian Shepherd who refuses to enjoy our heated home, he loves being outside. Period!
    With the dog in the house, outside temp -20F (minus20F), the house was 25F!!! I was thrilled. He loves the 20's and 30's. We have a temperature probe mounted in the center ceiling.
    Outside temperature went up to 10F and the house was 41F. Almost too warm!
    Plus the mat is only 65watts.
    I am so pleased with this product! And so is my dog. Plus delivery was fast!

  • 5 Stars


    Review by on Oct 6, 2014

    The Heat mat is working excellent for my tortoises. It is a lot more efficient then the heat lamps I used to use.

  • 4 Stars

    so far, great

    Review by on Nov 20, 2013

    I've only had the warmer for a few weeks but its perfect, screwed to the back of an outdoor cat shelter. The felines are living in winter luxury!

  • 4 Stars


    Review by on Nov 17, 2013

    quick delivery, product is performing well and as advertised.

  • 5 Stars

    Good Product

    Review by on Sep 26, 2013

    This is my second Kane Pig Mat. I use them in my horse barn to keep the barn cats warm in the winter months and to warm horse bridle bits / riding boots and gloves. We got a second mat to increase the amount of space available for the cats. The first mat, now nearly 6 years old, is still going strong.

  • 1 Stars

    Too low wattage. Too fearful company.

    Review by on Mar 27, 2013

    The wattage is too low such that it does not maintain temperature other than in an indoor situation. The company plasters warnings of don't use with water, don't put within 10' of combustibles, etc all over the product and directions. Do they really think the pigs won't pee on it? Get real. I doubt I would buy more. Dissattisfied.

  • 5 Stars

    Great product at a good price.

    Review by on Jan 5, 2013

    This is a great product, I use it for my newborn miniature goats. They learn in the first few hours how warm it is. Mothers use it too. I have always had a fear of heat lamps being knocked down or banged up, because you want the heat source to be as close as is safe to the kids. With this heat mat there's no problem. It has a diamond plate pattern that"s great for baby feet and lasts year after year. I recommend giving it support with a frame for longevity.

  • 5 Stars

    perfect for color film dev. tempering baths

    Review by on Jul 6, 2012

    Great service, fast response. I bought this product to help maintain the proper temperature of tempering baths and the photographic chemicals that I use to develop color film (~105 deg F). It works perfectly, at least when the ambient temperature of my darkroom is near 85 deg F. I suppose it would work for its intended purpose, also, but I don't raise pigs.

  • 5 Stars

    7th Kane Baby Pig Heat Mat I bought from QC

    Review by on May 17, 2012

    This is the 7th Baby Pig Heat Mat I bought from QC. All were delivered the same week I ordered and have worked great. All are used at my tortoise farm. Great Price.

  • 5 Stars

    Durable mat

    Review by on Feb 10, 2012

    Very durable heating mat, bought as a back up for others that are in use.

  • 5 Stars

    Fast shipping

    Review by on Nov 12, 2011

    Received the heat mat in record time. Great product to. Practically indestructible.

  • 4 Stars

    Ksne heat mat

    Review by on May 26, 2010

    I use the mat for tortoises. Had to get a separate thermostat for safest use, but it is very durable and good quality.

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