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Rubber Grommet for Push-In Style Poultry Nipple

QC Supply , 420012
QC Supply Part #: 420012
Shipping: Standard
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Rubber Grommet for Push-In Style Poultry Nipple.

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Rubber Grommet for Push-In Style Poultry Nipple (#420011).

Brand QC Supply
Manufacturer Part Number 420012
Animal Poultry & Gamebird

Customer Reviews

  • 5 Stars

    extra grommets

    Review by on Feb 27, 2015

    Probably not needed for the waterer nipple as they each come with a grommet. But I ordered some just in case. Waterer nipple works great, no unwanted leaking.

  • 5 Stars

    Necessary and long lasting

    Review by on Jan 23, 2015

    I ordered a few extra in case some started leaking but never needed them. I keep a few around now just in case I make a change to the system and need to replace them!

  • 5 Stars

    Bought extra

    Review by on Mar 21, 2013

    I bought a few extra grommets when I ordered my chicken nipples, in case I messed up with installation. No problem installing them. So now I have some extras on hand if the time comes when I need to change them out into another bucket. Very satisfied with the grommets and chicken nipples. It was easy to make my own waterer for my girls, and I have no leaks upon initial installation!

  • 5 Stars


    Review by on Dec 15, 2012

    I had to order some extra of these grommets because after I made the chicken nipple waterier from a Gatorade bottle, I decided to instead put the chicken nipples on the bottom of an old Coleman cooler. Had to cut the little rubber grommet to get the push-in nipples out of the hole I drilled, so had to order some for re installing them in the Coleman cooler. Tried Ace hardware first, but the 4.00 I spent there was useless... their little grommets didn't fit exactly, so glad to have the ones that do fit.

  • 5 Stars


    Review by on Aug 3, 2012

    Good quality. Easy to install. Seals good.

  • 5 Stars

    Bought extra

    Review by on Jun 28, 2012

    We bought these to keep on hand as surplus should the ones that come with the push in style chicken nipples fail. We have not had to use the extras. The waterers are working out perfectly.

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