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Prima Tech® Prima Marc™ BMV Syringe

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Prima Tech® 0.5cc Prima Marc™ BMV Syringe 141240
Prima Tech® 2cc Prima Marc™ BMV Syringe 141241
Prima Tech® 5cc Prima Marc™ BMV Syringe 141242

These syringes were designed to hold a marking paint can and a dispensing medical bottle on top of the syringe. 3 sizes.


The Prima Tech® Prima Marc™ BMV Syringe combines the mobility of a bottle mount and the convenience of a Prima Marc™. It allows the user to inject and mark simultaneously with only one hand. A squeeze of the syringe handle activates the mounted paint can (sold separately), and marks each animal as it is serviced.


  • Designed to hold a marking paint can and the dispensing medical bottle on top of the syringe
  • Made of long-lasting plastics and silicone
  • Durable poly barrel is specially designed for material compatibility
  • Engineered for unmatched accuracy
  • Held to stringent +/-2% accuracy standards
  • Paint can holder atop the syringe is adjustable and features a 180° rotation


  • Soft medical grade tubing
  • Hose armor springs
  • Metal luer lock needle nut
  • Uni-Lock Draw-Off system that accommodates all bottle sizes

Available in 3 Sizes:

  • #141240 — 0.5cc
  • #141241 — 2cc
  • #141242 — 5cc/6cc
Brand Prima Tech
Animal Cattle, Swine, Sheep & Goat





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