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Multifan 220V Motor (Q-Style)

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Multifan 220V Motor for 12" Fan (Q-Style) - Model 4E30Q 10317-220
Multifan 220V Motor for 14" Fan (Q-Style) 10338-220
Multifan 220V Motor for 16" Fan (Q-Style) 10318-220
Multifan 220V Motor for 12" Fan (Q-Style) - Model 2E30Q 10316-220
Multifan 220V Motor for 20" Fan (Q-Style) 10320-220
Multifan 220V Motor for 18" Fan (Q-Style) 10319-220
Multifan 220V Motor for 24" Fan (Standard or Q-Style) 10290-220

Replacement 220V Motor for Multifan Q-Style Fans.

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When selecting a replacement part for your Multifan you will need to determine if your fan is a "Standard" or "Q-Style" Fan. To do so, please ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does your fan have an aluminum frame (Standard) or a fiberglass frame (Q-Style)?
  • Does it have "Q" printed on the motor plate? If so, you have a Q-style Fan; if not it is a Standard Fan.
  • What is the distance between the cooling fins on the motor? (Note: Not all fan motors have fins).
    3/4" = Standard Fan
    3/8" = Q-Style Fan
  • Does the arm have a foot attached? If so, your fan is a Standard Fan; if not your fan is a Q-Style.

Available Models:

  • #10316-220: Replacement 220V Motor for 12" Mulitfan Model 2E30Q
  • #10317-220: Replacement 220V Motor for 12" Mulitfan Model 4E30Q
  • #10338-220: Replacement 220V Motor for 14" Mulitfan Model 4E35Q
  • #10318-220: Replacement 220V Motor for 16" Mulitfan Model 4E40Q
  • #10319-220: Replacement 220V Motor for 18" Mulitfan Model 4E45Q
  • #10320-220: Replacement 220V Motor for 20" Mulitfan Model 4E50Q
  • #10290-220: Replacement 220V Motor for 24" Mulitfan Model 6E63 (Standard or Q-Style)
Brand Multifan

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