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LED Overdrive™ Dimmable Lights - 6 Watt (5000K)

QC Supply Part #: 60238
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6 Watt, 5000K light provides uniform and even light pattern on the floor.

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Great for poultry barns, other agricultural barns, office and home use. Energy Star approved LED Overdrive™ Dimmable 6 Watt, 5000K Lights are LM79 and Lighting Design Lab certified for all utility rebates. Designed to provide a uniform and even light pattern on the floor.


  • Perfect for a layer application or broiler application where the customer does not want the 5000K color. The 5000K offers 6% higher lumen outputs than the 3000K
  • 6W models are 55 mA and 520 lumens (old style was 75 mA, 490 lumens)
  • 55 mA bulbs offer lower levels of dimming and even higher lumens than previous models
  • Do not mix 55 mA and 75 mA bulbs on the same lines. The switch from 75 mA to 55 mA was done mid-June 2015
  • Beam angles have been designed around the ag industry and lighting the floor evenly. The 6W have 125° beam angles; what you find generally are OMNI directional (300°, not 125° aimed at the floor). 300 mean the maximum amount of light is not on the floor and light may be lost on sidewalls and ceilings


  • 60W equivalent
  • 5 year warranty
  • E26 medium base
  • No fins - easy to clean
  • 2.3" diameter; 4.3" long
  • 5000K/530 Lumen
  • 40,000 hrs average life
  • -4° F to 113° F reliable operating temperature

Also available as 6 Watt/3000K (#60237).

Brand Overdrive Bulbs
Manufacturer Part Number 560
Bulb Type LED
Animal Cattle, Swine, Poultry & Gamebird

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