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Havoc® Rodenticide - XT Blok Bucket - 10 lbs.

, 116361
QC Supply Part #: 230022
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One of the most palatable weather-resistant baits on the market.

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Havoc®-XT Blok is one of the most palatable, weather-resistant baits on the market. The low-profile XT Blok has gnawing edges that rodents love.


  • Contains the second generation anticoagulant Brodifacoum, which has the lowest lethal dose of any anticoagulant in the market
  • Controls norway rats, roof rats and house mice
  • Can kill both rats and mice in a single night's feeding
  • All-weather bait for the toughest infestations

Contents: Approximately [190] 20 gram blocks

Active Ingredient: Brodifacoum

Bait Color: Blue

Mode of Action: Anticoagulant

Also Available In:

  • #230023 — Havoc® XT Blok Bucket (20 lbs.)
  • #230024 — Havoc® Bait Packs Bucket (8.8 lbs.)

About the Active Ingredient - Brodifacoum is a highly lethal vitamin K antagonist anticoagulant poison. In recent years, it has become one of the world's most widely used pesticides. It is typically used as a rodenticide but is also used to control larger mammalian pests such as possum. it is characterized as a "second generation" or "superwarfarin" anticoagulant. Brodifacoum steadily decreases the level of active vitamin K in the blood. Vitamin K is required for the synthesis of important substances including prothrombin, which is involved in blood clotting. This disruption becomes increasingly severe until the blood effectively loses any ability to clot.

Neogen Rat/Mouse Bait Comparison Chart:

Part #NameActive IngredientInfo/DoseNotes
Havoc® Brodifacoum
- 2nd generation
- Death may occur within 4-5 days
- Rodent will continue to feed after lethal dose is consumed
- Better palatability, higher acceptability
- Available in Bloks or Bait Packs
- Lowest lethal dose in the market
- 180 times stronger than Warfarin
230040 Di-Kill® Difenacoum
- 2nd generation
- Death may occur within 4-5 days
- Rodent will continue to feed after lethal dose is consumed
- More than 2 times as lethal as Bromadiolone
Ramik® Diphacinone
- 1st generation
- Death may occur within 4-5 days
- Rodent will continue to feed after lethal dose is consumed
- Fish flavored for higher acceptability
- Hot extruded nuggets are weather-resistant without wax
- Food quality grain mix is used
230050 CyKill™ Bromethalin
- Acute toxicant
- Death may occur within 1-2 days
- Rodents stop feeding after lethal dose is consumed
- Control high infestations quickly
- Stop feed action results in less bait needed
- Lower risk of secondary poisoning

Always Read & Follow Label Directions.

Brand Neogen
Manufacturer Part Number 116361



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Customer Reviews

  • 5 Stars

    Happy Happy

    Review by on Sep 29, 2016

    This is the second order I have made.............got rid of mice/chipmunks/squirrels.......even field mice who will hide everything for later. gets them out fast!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 5 Stars

    An effect product for rodents

    Review by on Jan 28, 2016

    We feed birds and seed spill around the feeders brings in some undesirable rodents that end up tunneling where you don't want it. The TomCat bait stations and bait chunks, we have been able to effectively manage unwanted rodents.

  • 5 Stars

    Great product

    Review by on Dec 5, 2015

    The bloks work great. Just screw them down to a board that way the pack rats can't carry them off. Been using them for years.

  • 5 Stars

    Does the trick!

    Review by on Oct 16, 2013

    I have used this product in my garage and barn against roof rats for several years. It kills faster and better than other baits, and rodents seem to eat it better than others I have used. It's one of the most effective baits available. I can no longer get it at my local feed store and farm supply, so I am glad that QC stocks it!

  • 5 Stars


    Review by on May 9, 2013

    will reorder when needed

  • 5 Stars

    Wonderful Product

    Review by on Feb 28, 2012

    I have tried several products side by side and the mice and rats will eat this product at least 4 to 1 over any other product I have tried. It works great in my hog sheds.

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