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ZYMOX® Equine Defense® Enzymatic Spray

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Aids in the care and management of wounds and superficial infections in horses.

ZYMOX® Equine Defense® Enzymatic Spray is recommended for the care and management of problematic skin conditions and wounds. Contains the potent LP3 Enzyme System with a gentle, non-toxic water-based formula to help skin heal without irritating harsh astringents, alcohols or chemicals.


  • Aids in the care and management of wounds and superficial infections with the patented LP3 Enzyme System
  • Gentle, non-toxic water-based formulation
  • 8 oz. spray for all over protection
  • Made in the USA

About The LP3 Enzyme System:

  • Each enzyme has it's own unique properties and when combined, pack a powerful antimicrobial punch.
  • These enzymes are found naturally in milk and are 100% safe and gentle.
  • For years it has been known that milk has a natural ability to kill bacteria, viruses and yeast.
  • Only recently have the protein and enzyme system responsible been identified and reproduced.
  • The three most effective are Lactoperoxidase, Lysozyme and Lactoferrin.
    • Lactoferrin: An iron binding protein found in milk and other mammalian secretions inhibits growth and destroys microorganisms by depriving them of iron.
    • Lysozyme: An enzyme that effectively kills bacteria by disrupting and splitting the formation of the cell wall
    • Lactoperoxidase: A known milk peroxidase which when combined with hydrogen peroxide, thiocyanate or iodide produces hypoiodite ions or hypothiocyanate ions. These ions inhibit microorganisms by oxidizing their metabolic pathways
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