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Wildlife Research Center's® "Hunting Scent" Book

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Explains scents and describes when and how to use them.

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"Hunting and trapping scents have been used effectively for countless years by modern day hunters and trappers, hunters and trappers from long ago, the American Indians, and probably way back to the cave men."

Deer find food with their nose, they keep track of other deer in their territory with their nose, they avoid danger with their nose, and their nose plays an extremely important function when mating time comes. They are constantly testing the air for whatever scent may drift to their nose.

When the right scents are properly used, they can greatly increase a hunter's odds of success. This book will cover many of the various scents and scent products. It will also tell you the most effective ways we have found to use them.

Scents are not magic, but if you have an understanding of what scents to use and how to use them right, you can definitely give yourself a big advantage by using scent when you hunt. This book explains various scents, when to use them and how to use them.

"There is nothing like the feeling of satisfaction you get when you watch a nice buck react to your scent set-up and see him do just what you wanted him to." — Taken from The Wildlife Research Center's® "Hunting Scent Book."

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