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Wand Wizard Pressure Washer Attachment

Johnsco LLC , WW
QC Supply Part #: 110200
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The unique rotating axis allows you to change the angle you are power washing.

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Quickly change the angle from 0-90° to get those hard-to-reach areas clean with the Wand Wizard Pressure Washer Attachment.


  • Fits most pressure washers with 1/4" quick-coupling
  • Rated for maximum 2,500 PSI
  • Adjust rotating axis up to 90°

Easy to Assemble:

  • Attach to your spray gun
  • Attach the spray tip to the Wand Wizard
  • Click to the setting that best fits your task by adjusting the Wand Wizard's unique rotating axis

Use Wand Wizard to Clean:

  • Engines, farm tractors and farm implements
  • Semi-trucks/trailers
  • Construction/landscape equipment, utility tractors, lawnmowers
  • Underbodies of cars and trucks and trailers
  • Large diameter pipes, drains, culverts, fixtures
  • A wide selection of manufacturing equipment
  • Hard-to-reach overhangs - residential or commercial
  • Permanently installed outdoor fixtures
  • Just about any hard-to-reach area

Note: Do not assemble when power pressure engine or power source is running or spray gun is under pressure.

Brand Johnsco LLC
Manufacturer Part Number WW

Customer Reviews

  • 4 Stars

    good product

    Review by on Jun 30, 2016

    This is one of those "why hasn't anyone thought of that before?" products. I had looked for quite sometime for a right angle attachment to a pressure washer. This enables one to do the outside of a high deck without dangerous ladders or renting scaffolding. It's also good for the sides of boat docks, etc. as well as auto use and similar. There are only two downsides to be aware of. 1. the right angle causes significant back pressure, so holding the wand when it's turned is about three times harder than a straight nozzle. 2. The angle alters the flow of water so the spray isn't exactly even. I didn't find either to be an impediment, but be aware.

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