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Vostermans Mf-Flex 1.5 HP Universal Fan Motor

Vostermans , FM0379
QC Supply Part #: 11183
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This 1.5HP fan motor is a totally enclosed air over motor.

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This Vostermans Mf-Flex 1.5HP universal fan motor is a Totally Enclosed Air Over (TEAO) motor that is highly rated due to it's durability, efficiency and reliability.

Facts & Advantages:

  • High-quality with proven reliability
  • Extensive motor line with 3-year manufacturer warranty
  • UL recognized
  • Insulation Class F
  • IP55
  • Suitable for use in harsh environments
  • Mounts horizontally or vertically
  • Applicable for belt-driven fans
  • Possibility to mount to NEMA 48/56 support


  • Durable, Reliable Motor
    • TEAO motor
    • Usage of high-quality materials
    • Automatic thermal protection and internal heat resistance up to 311° F (for single phase only, 3-phase optional)
    • Class F insulation
    • UL recognized (60 Hz only)
    • Built according to NEMA
  • Long Lifetime
    • Proven reliability
    • Cooling ribs maximize the cooling surface area
    • Coated rotor & stator
  • Motor Cover
    • Non-combustible man-made material
  • Condensation Drain Plugs
    • Includes 3 condensation drain plugs (to be removed) depending on the position of the motor
  • Applicable in Extreme Circumstances
    • Suitable for use in harsh environments
    • Wash-down motor (IP55)
    • Aluminum anodized surface motor housing
    • Aluminum, electro-coated motor shields
  • Specially Sealed Bearings
    • High performance lubricant withstands internal temperatures up to 311° F
    • No re-greasing required
  • Start-Up Capacitor w/Electronic Disjunction
    • Low failure rate in comparison to mechanical capacitors
  • Splash Ring
    • Unique splash ring between motor housing and impeller against moisture entry
  • Specially Designed T-Slots
    • In order to mount the motor in various positions & with various supports (e.g. NEMA frames)
QC Supply Part # Service Factor Shaft Diameter
Mfg Part # HPVoltageAmperageRPMPd (kW)Pd (HP)Cos Phi
Service Factor
11182 FM0380 1~60 Hz 1.0 208-230* 4.9 1,710 0.75 1 0.92 1.15 5.4 5/8" 48
11183 FM0379 1~60 Hz 1.5 208-230* 6.3 1,700 1.1 1.5 0.97 1.15 7.3 5/8" 56

*Motor rating valid for 230V. Applicable within voltage range of 208-230V.
Note: Motors can only be used for fan applications. Motors are TEAO and can only be applied in the airstream.

Brand Vostermans
Manufacturer Part Number FM0379

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