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Vista™ 5 L5 SQ (Merck)

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Vista™ 5 L5 SQ (Merck) - 5 Dose 541604-05
Vista™ 5 L5 SQ (Merck) - 10 Dose 541604-10
Vista™ 5 L5 SQ (Merck) - 50 Dose 541604-50

Vista 5 L5 is a single 2 ml SQ vaccination for 6 month protection against IBR, BVD Type 1 and 2, PI3, BRSV plus all 5 strains of Lepto.


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Use Vista 5™ L5 SQ for a vaccination of healthy cows and heifers, 6 months of age or older, prior to breeding as an aid in the reduction of abortion due to IBR (Infectious Bovine Rhinotracheitis). It is also an aid in the prevention of fetal infection, including persistently infected calves caused by BVD Type 1 and 2 (Bovine Virus Diarrhea).

Reproductive Duration of Immunity (DOI) has been demonstrated to be at least 217 days for IBR and at least 206 days for BVD Types 1 & 2. In addition, it can be used as an aid in the control of disease caused by BVD Type 1 and parainfluenza3 virus (PI3); and as an aid in preventing leptospirosis (caused by Leptospira canicola, L. grippotyphosa, L. hardjo - including the L. borgpetersenii serovar hardjo bovis, L. icterohaemorrhagiae, and L. pomona) and as an aid in prevention of urinary shedding of L. hardjo organisms.

Respiratory Duration of Immunity (DOI) has been demonstrated to be at least 182 days for IBR, and at least 206 days for BVD Type 1 and at least 200 days for BVD Type 2.

Safe for use in pregnant heifers and cows or calves nursing pregnant cows provided the cows and heifers in the herd are vaccinated prior to breeding, within the previous 12 months, with any of the modified live IBR and BVD containing vaccine(s) in this product line.

Administration: Inject 2 mL subcutaneously to healthy cattle 6 moths of age or older. Annual revaccination is recommended.

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  • #541604-05 - 5 Dose
  • #541604-10 - 10 Dose
  • #541604-50 - 50 Dose
Brand Merck
Animal Cattle

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