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VetGun™ Insecticide System

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Treat horn flies on beef cattle with no confining, no handling and no stress for you or the animals.

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Work smarter, not harder when you use the VetGun™ Insecticide System from AgriLabs® to protect your beef cattle from horn flies. Horn flies can result in reduced grazing, milk production and calf weaning weights. Traditional horn fly treatments require rounding up cattle and running them through a chute. Not with the VetGun™ system.

This first-of-its-kind system provides precise dosing remotely in the field with a simple pull of a trigger. This allows you to apply a proven topical insecticide for effective control of horn flies from a safe distance of 15 to 30 feet, with no confining, no handling, and no stress.

VetGun™ is powered by a precision-enginered CO2-system to deliver a gelatin capsule (VetCap™). Each brightly colored VetCap™ contains a precise dose of Lambda cyhalothrin EPA-approved insecticide specially designed to fragment on impact. It then goes to work, migrating across skin. The fragments also help mark and identify treated cattle.

So quick and easy to use, it can be applied while on foot, on horseback or from the comfort of your ATV or vehicle. If used correctly, cattle will become accustomed to the muffled sound with minimal startling, and you can treat up to 100 cattle per hour.

VetGun™ Insecticide System Includes: [1] VetGun™, [1] CO2 25 gm adapter, and [1] CO2 90 gm adapter. All other items - CO2 cartridges and VetCaps™ sold separately. See full list below for details.

Features & Advantages:

  • No chute or facilities required
  • Apply insecticide from a safe distance
  • Lower stress for you and your cattle
  • Time application for maximum control
  • Saves labor, time and money
  • AiM-L™ VetCaps™ contain Lambda cyhalothrin, providing results in minutes with long-lasting control against horn flies
  • Provide effective duration with a single treatment and up to 10 weeks with a second treatment
  • Treat up to 100 cattle per hour
  • Quick and easy to apply


  • Apply to the upper 2/3 side of the animal's body, anywhere between the front shoulders and 6" ahead of the base of the tail
  • Use Aim-L™ VetCaps™ exclusively with a VetGun™
  • Apply when animal is between 15 and 30 feet distance from the user
  • Do not apply treatment when bystanders are within 30' of the animal
  • Do not apply to any animals in or withing 10' of bodies of water

How Often & How Much:

  • Can be used on beef cattle of all ages, provided they are 600 lbs or greater. Calves will get residual benefit when rubbing against others
  • Provide effective horn fly treatment for 10 weeks after 2 separate applications, once every 5 weeks; this included multiple rain downpours
  • Treatment can be repeated as needed, but not more than once every 2 weeks, and not more than 4 times within any 6 month period
  • AiM-L™ VetCaps™ do not control cattle grubs
  • Lambda cyhalothrin is effective against face flies, but application with the VetGun™ to or near the facial area is not recommended. There may be some cross-protection, but AiM-L™ is not labelled for the control of face flies
  • Labeled to only treat beef cattle of all ages; do not use on other animals
  • Can be used on pregnant, nursing or lactating cattle
  • Never dose wet cattle, within 24 hours of expected rain, or within 24 hours after rain. Dosing wet cattle or during rainfall can reduce the duration and level of control

Other Information:

  • Used With Insecticide Tags: Dependent on the situation, some eartags may be good to use at the start of the season, however most won't last through the season. AiM-L™ VetCaps™ are an ideal mid-season follow-up, allowing you to not bring your cattle in again. It is recommended to rotate different chemical classes to help prevent resistance
  • Will It Hurt Cattle?: When used correctly, this is a humane and safe way to treat horn flies on beef cattle. The velocity of VetGun™ and the structure of the VetCap™ has been designed to ensure the VetCap™ ruptures on impact, yet are not strong enough to distress or injure the animal. VetGun™ velocity is less than half of a standard paintball gun. Feedback is consistent that VetGun™ does not spook cattle. They may flinch or jump and take a couple of steps, but will go right back to eating. It is best to put out feed or hay to keep them occupied while treating
  • How To Tell Which Animals Are Treated: The VetCap™ will leave a wet patch and the brightly colored gelatin shell fragments on impact; temporarily clinging to the hide. As treating 100 cattle in an hour is achievable, the temporary markings last sufficiently long enough to distinguish treated from untreated cattle
  • Warranty: For 1 year from date of purchase, AgriLabs® will repair or replace a VetGun™ free of charge if defective due to materials or workmanship. Original purchase receipt required
  • Withdrawal Period: There is no withdrawal period for synthetic pyrethroids related to safe meat and milk supply. The is due to the fact that the lipophilic nature of SPs limits absorption through the skin to only trace amounts (<1%)

Other Items Available (Sold Separately):

  • VetCaps™ in a 30 count (#141141) or 150 count (#141142) box
  • 6-pack of CO2 Propellant in 25 gm each (#141143)
  • 2-pack of CO2 Propellant in 90 gm each (#141146)
  • CO2 Adapter for either the 25 gm (#141145) or 90 gm (#141147) propellants. An adapter is required to use the propellant; both items sold separately
  • Refillable 14 oz. CO2 Tank - sold empty
Brand AgriLabs
Manufacturer Part Number 039363
Animal Cattle



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