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TJ4200 TopJet 4-Way Ceiling Air Inlet

Double L Group , 90640
QC Supply Part #: 10602
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This ceiling air inlet has a patented design that maximizes air management.


This TopJet 4-Way Ceiling Air Inlet has a revolutionary, patented design that maximizes air management.

This gravity-operated inlet was designed to provide birds with a better mix of air and to help growers maintain higher ventilation rates during cold weather without sacrificing house temperatures or wasting fuel. They supplement house sidewall inlets to provide an automatic supply of tempered air during the early stages of minimum ventilation without the need for a winch.

This all-season, 4-way inlet features counterbalance louvers that open from the top, instead of the bottom. It pulls warm air into the house and directs the air along the ceiling. The air current stays up longer, mixing with room air and evenly distributing fresh air while minimizing or eliminating bird stress.

Patent No 6,475,078.


  • Four directional louvers direct air along the ceiling and hold air up longer while mixing with room air, distributing air evenly
  • Mixes warm, tempered air from the attic with house air along the ceiling for better mixing and prevents downdrafts on birds
  • Warmer, Less drafty conditions during brooding
  • Engineered to allow more CFM through inlet and operates at a higher static pressure for better air mixing
  • More uniform house temperatures during minimum ventilation
  • Drier litter, lower fuel costs and lower ammonia concentrations
  • Easy snap-together assembly, no tools required
  • Made in the USA


  • CFM's: Approximately 1,812 @ 0.125 SP
  • Ship Weight: 14.5 lbs.
  • Rough Opening: 22.5" x 22.5"
Brand Double L Group
Manufacturer Part Number 90640

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