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Thermal-Mat - 46 1/2” x 59 1/4" Insulated Wean Finish/Nursery Mat

QC Supply , 254860
QC Supply Part #: 254860
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Keep pigs warm by using their own body heat. These mats have a styrofoam insert that absorbs the animals' body heat.

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A simple idea, with great results, the Thermal-Mat is made of a piece of styrofoam sealed between two sheets of polyethylene. This wear-resistant mat holds heat so pigs in your wean-to-finish and nursery barns stay warm. This is because their body heat is absorbed and reflected back.

The two pieces of polyethelyne have an extrusion welded plastic seam, to seal the two sheets together. The mat is made from 75% recycled high molecular weight polyethylene. The top piece is made of HMWPE plastic, which is highly wear resistant. It is a plastic used in the food industry and will not harbor bacteria.

A 1" lip around the perimeter with raised squares makes for easy creep feeding. This mat not only lowers your energy bills, but is easy to clean. After 3 weeks of use, the mat can be hung up by its handles for cleaning and storage.

Additional Details:

  • Measures approximately 46 1/2” x 59 1/4"
  • Weighs approximately 24 lbs.
  • Easy cleaning and hanging
  • Made of a piece of styrofoam sealed between 2 sheets of polyethylene
  • 1" lip around the perimeter
  • Raised squared throughout for easy creep feeding
Brand QC Supply
Manufacturer Part Number 254860
Animal Swine

Customer Reviews

  • 5 Stars

    Thermal Mat

    Review by on Jan 28, 2017

    Our pigs love them! No more infrared heaters needed in our conventional nursery! A must buy!

  • 5 Stars

    Thermal Mat

    Review by on Jan 27, 2017

    Works great! pigs like to lay on them and we are definitely saving energy

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