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The Attractor® II and III

PS Mfg Co.
QC Supply Part #: 340058
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This sweeper has 150 pounds of pull.

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Keep your job-site clean and safe with The Attractor® II and III Magnetic Sweepers with 150 pounds of pull. This 46" sweeper magnet allows no-stoop sweeping of metal objects and the 6" wheels will easily roll through heavy debris.

Partially assembled at the proper height, it can be adjusted. The sweeper hangs on the axle, allowing it to swing. The detachable wooden handle prevents electrocution. The aluminum ferrule prevents damage to the wooden handle.


  • The Attractor® II —12" Mini Sweeper
  • The Attractor® III — 24" Magnetic Sweeper
Brand PS Mfg Co.

Customer Reviews

  • 5 Stars

    Simple and effective

    Review by on Aug 8, 2013

    Bought the Attractor III 24 inch magnetic sweeper to pick up nails after a construction project on my house. I liked the simplicity of it and how the magnets were able to swing. This came in handy when I was sweeping the grass for nails. The magnet just dragged behind the wheels and they still picked up nails out of the grass. It also allowed the nails to stay on the magnet vs being pulled off by the grass. I did modify mine when it first arrived to put a little sheet metal cover across the bottom and up the sides so that the metal dust/shavings could be easily wiped off. I also put a zip tie between the eye bolts and the wheels in order to keep the magnet assembly in the middle of the axle so that it didn't rub against the wheels.

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