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Texas Haynet

Texas Haynet
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Reduce waste and slow down consumption with a Texas Haynet.

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Texas Haynets will help horse and livestock owners save money, keep their hay clean and their animals healthier! Although it was originally created to help with nutritional needs, it saves a considerable amount of money. Designed for 5' to 6' round bales, but can be used for smaller bales too. Net has 1.75" holes and is made from a 3 mm heavy-duty marine-grade polypropylene with UV protection.

Suitable for all grass eating or grazing livestock like cattle, Llama, Alpaca, sheep or goats, provided they DO NOT have horns. Depending on your livestock's eating habits and local conditions, these nets hold up very well in adverse conditions. They should retain their structural integrity for a minimum of 1 year and can last as long as 3-4 years.

The Texas Haynet, in many cases, will slow down fast and aggressive eaters, allowing their systems to adjust to a more normal rate of consumption. It will keep them occupied longer and will aide in preventing boredom and vices. It is also an ideal situation for insulin-resistant horses. Additionally, it will allow timid animals to feed alongside more aggressive one's, keeping the aggressor "working for" their food while allowing the timid animal to get the nutrition they need. An ideal tool to reduce "hay bellies," help overweight horses lose weight and allow thinner, and "hard keeper" horses to put on the weight they need at a healthier rate.

It is recommended hay rings be solid at the bottom for shod animals to prevent the horse from hooking their shoe in the net. For unshod animals any hay ring or barrier may be utilized; however, the bale should be placed on a pallet to inhibit the growth of dangerous mold which is harmful to your livestock.

Researchers have found when horses take smaller bites, they will chew longer which makes them consume hay at a slower rate. It has also been discovered that a horse needs to keep the hay in his digestive system long enough to ferment and extract ALL nutrients from their perfect food, grass.

Once the horse's system is receiving sufficient nutrition, you may notice some behavioral changes. Many horses will become less aggressive, calmer and they will leave the bale frequently to engage in other horse activities such as, grooming, playing and sleeping. Many owners find their horses will now leave the hay bale to defecate and urinate away from the feeding area, which alleviates some major thrush issues.

Installation as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  • 1. Cast the Texas Haynet over the top of your round bale.
  • 2. Install the drawstring at ground level: Weave the straight end through the net (about every foot or so) and tighten drawstring.
  • 3. Place a hay ring or barrier around your bale.

NOTE: It is strongly recommend that hay rings be solid to the ground for shod horses to prevent them from catching their shoe in the net and it is NOT recommended for horned animals, e.g. Texas Long Horns, horned sheep or goats, etc.

Brand Texas Haynet
Animal Cattle, Horse, Sheep & Goat

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