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SyrVet™ Oral Fluidfeeder

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For the fast introduction of fluids to stressed cattle.

Fight dehydration quickly and safely by drench feeding with this 2 quart SyrVet™ Oral Fluidfeeder. This is the recommended procedure for rehydration in stressed cattle. Fluid depletion or dehydration in cattle can also be symptomatic of a variety of illnesses and diseases, such as excessive diarrhea or vomiting, kidney ailments, constant fevers, and infections scours, just to name a few.

Immediate replacement of crucial nutrients along with high quality drinking water is vital for rapid recovery. Drugs alone won't help. The most recommended procedure for rehydration is to administer the right mix of ingredients to the animal. One of the most efficient procedures for doing this is through oral fluid feeding.


  • Easy to use — single person application
  • Fast introduction of fluids, but slow enough to allow the animal to naturally produce the necessary saliva for digestion
  • Strong, flexible probe travels easily into the esophagus and reduces accidental trachea entry
  • Tube is one piece
  • 2 quart capacity
  • Clean with warm, soapy water and allow to air dry


  1. Pour drench feed product into the container, following feed product manufacturer's and/or veterinarian's suggested amount.
  2. Add water according to directions on drench feed product.
  3. Screw on the cap and tubing assembly to container.
  4. Fold the tubing against the lid slightly to avoid losing liquid while inserting tubing into the animal.
  5. Insert the tube, staying on top of the tongue, into the left side of the calf's mouth and push it about halfway down the throat. The tube should automatically be directed to the esophageal opening.
  6. Holding the container at the bottom, begin squeezing, forcing the liquid out, repeating until the container is completely drained.
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