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Sterimatic® Vaccination Pack

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Administer safer, cleaner injections.

Take the Worry Out of Vaccination Time When You Add a Sterimatic® Vaccination Pack to Your Existing Multi-dose Syringe.

This attachment on the Sterimatic® Vaccination Pack acts as a needle guard to prevent accidental self-injection, while also preventing cross infection and spread of disease. The white Stericap® on the end of the guard is filled with a disinfectant agent consisting of Gluteraldehyde (2.5%) and Bardac 22 (5%). A sponge within the Stericap® is soaked with disinfectant and wipes the needle when it passes in and out. Each Stericap® works for 100 injections (500 for poultry).

Stericaps® are replaceable (#141256) and the needle can be changed quickly.

Two Sizes Available*: 1/2" or 1"

*For correct dosage and administration, a 1" needle must be used with the 1/2" Sterimatic® and a 1 1/2" needle must be used with the 1" Sterimatic® - (needles not included).


  • Helps you comply with HSE and DEFRA advice on using clean injection equipment
  • Independently tested, effective against contaminants including FMD, Blue Tongue, PRRS, Leukosis, Staphylococcus, E-Coli
  • Protect against new viral and bacterial contaminants. The Schmallenberg virus may be blood-borne and the Stericap may help reduce its transmission
  • Recommended by vets

1. Sterimatic® Safety Sleeve fits around the needle onto the syringe:

  • Reduces needle stick injuries to the user
  • Reduces needle damage
  • Option available for subcutaneous or intramuscular injections

2. Stericap® fits into the safety sleeve:

  • Automatically cleans with every injection
  • Reduces infection and abscessing
  • Reduces disease transmission
  • 100 injections/Stericap® (within 3 days); 500 injections for poultry

3. Attaches to many syringes, including:

  • Simcro™, Prima Tech, Hauptner

How it Works: Inject as normal after attaching the sleeve and Stericap® to the syringe. As the Stericap® is pushed against the skin, the sleeve automatically retracts. The needle is cleaned as it passes through into the animal. The dose can be delivered as normal. Then, as the needle is withdrawn, the sleeve automatically extends and the needle is cleaned for a second time and then covered and protected. Use each Stericap® for up to 100 injections within 3 days of opening.

Benefits to User:

  • Safety: Reduce needle sticks and scratch injuries
  • Financial: Healthier livestock, fewer infections and abscesses, and lower mortality rates
  • Confidence: Better and safer injection methods

Benefits to Livestock:

  • Reduced cross infection of disease between livestock
  • Reduced bacterial infection at the injection site (reduced abscessing)
  • Healthier livestock



Can you place the Stericap on a vaccine bottle? See Answer

No, the Stericap is designed to attach to the syringe only.

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