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The Snowplow Shovel - 24" or 30"

JM Enterprises
QC Supply Part #: 340086
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Light and sturdy snow shovels will last for many winters.

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Light and sturdy with simple bolt-together construction, these Snowplow Shovels will see you through many winters. They come 24" or 30" wide with a 1/4" thick UHMW polyethylene blade.

This poly material gives them high abrasion resistance and impact strength, even at low temperatures. It is also a self-lubricating sliding material. The fiberglass handle has a d-grip style handle for comfort and control.

Flip the blade over, and attack packed snow. The Tuffbrace handle connector makes this easy and adds strength. The fiberglass handle is twice as thick as similar shovels and is reinforced with a core insert plug.

All materials are made in the USA.

Brand JM Enterprises

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