Shoofly Leggins

Shoofly Leggins™

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Keep your horses happier and healthier with these patented design leggins. Stop the stomp!

Protect your horse's legs from painful fly bites with the chemical-free Shoofly Leggins™. These loose fitting leggins also reduce stressful stomping, which leads to hoof damage, sores and leg fatigue.

Made of a breathable plastic mesh with sewn-in stays to eliminate sagging. The heavy-duty Velcro® closures ensure durability and wear-ability. The lower edge is finished in felt to eliminate embedded wild oats, burrs and foxtails.

Features & Advantages:

  • Biting flies (deer, horse and horn) cannot penetrate the plastic mesh
  • Eliminates bot fly eggs from being laid
  • Horse is under less stress - no leg fatigue and hoof cracks from constant stomping
  • Reduces the risk of spreading disease
  • Mesh allows air to circulate, making them especially comfortable for wounds
  • Chemical-free
  • Easy-to-use, heavy-duty Velcro® fasteners
  • Prevents painful bites from flies and other biting insects
  • Prevents Botflies from laying eggs and causing hoof disease
  • Reduces inflammation, leg stress and muscle fatigue caused by continuous stomping
  • Does not restrict blood flow or range of motion
  • Sewn-in, durable plastic stays prevent sagging
  • Decreases healing time of abrasions and wounds by allowing air flow
  • 100% manufacturer's guarantee
  • Made in the USA


  • Small
    • 13-14 hands
    • 13.56" L
    • 13.56" bottom circumference
    • 17.5" top circumference
  • Medium
    • 14-15 hands
    • 14.5" L
    • 14.5" bottom circumference
    • 18.5" top circumference
  • Large
    • 15-16 hands
    • 15" L
    • 15" bottom circumference
    • 19.5" top circumference

Note: Priced and sold per set of 4 leggins.

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