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SaniStride™ Disinfectant Mat

SaniStride , DMAT
QC Supply Part #: 250320
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When used as directed, the SaniStride Disinfectant Mat has been lab tested to be 99.99% effective as a floor mat disinfectant delivery system against the spread of MRSA by shoe-to-floor contact.


A majority of the biohazards carried by footwear gets lodged in shoe treads. SaniStride™ is a wet-mat delivery system designed to sanitize the treads and bottoms of footwear.

The mat saturates shoes with a Quaternary ammonium disinfectant and sanitizer as you walk across it. This kills germs and effectively diminishes the spread of germs by shoe-to-floor contact. When you use this system, the disinfectant soaks the bacteria and viruses compacted in all the small crevices. This soaking will take a minute or so to air dry. That is sufficient time for the disinfectant to be highly effective.

When used as directed, the SaniStride™ Mat has been lab tested to be 99.99% effective against the spread of MRSA by shoe-to-floor contact.

Applications: Pork & Poultry Facilities, Medical/Lab & Health Care Clinics, Food Processing, Sports Facilities & Locker Rooms, High Technology, Veterinary, Emergency Medical & Fire Service, and more

The SaniStride™ System Includes:

  • [1] SaniStride™ Mat (39" L x 23" W x 1 1/16" H)
  • [1] SaniStride™ Insert Packet (34" x 18")

How To Use: Previous to charging the mat, the Quat concentrate must be diluted to a disinfectant level. If the Quat disinfectant uses 1 oz. of concentrate to 1 gallon of water, the 1 gallon of concentrate may last for up to a year. Place the mat atop a 4' x 6' drying mat in the desired location. The drying mat will alleviate any slippage of the mat, as well as the person on the mat; this will also protect the flooring under the mat. Insert a SaniStride™ packet into the mat as well. Insert the long side into the well wall and slowly lower it completely down into the well. Within seconds, it will absorb almost all the sanitizer.

Once a week, clean and recharge the system with fresh Quat. The rubber mat section can be hosed off and wiped dry. The insert pack can be drenched and hosed off, or rinsed in a utility sink and hung to drip dry. Do not use a washer, dryer or extractor, as these will damage the packet.

Made in the USA.

Note: We recommend using Synergize™ (#340355 and #340358) for your SaniStride™ System. Replacement Packets are available (#250321).

Brand SaniStride
Manufacturer Part Number DMAT
Animal Swine



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Customer Reviews

  • 4 Stars

    Love it

    Review by on Oct 14, 2014

    As advertised. Works perfect keep viruses and bacteria can stay outside.

  • 5 Stars

    great product

    Review by on Mar 13, 2014

    It is a great way to help keep your flock in good health. It also helps keep you control room clean, mat wont spill.

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