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Rut'n Apples® - 4 lb. Bag

, 20408
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Deer will spend hours licking these pellets off the ground. Made with 100% real apples.

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Get deer out in the open with a bag of Rut'n Apples®. Once deer smell the real apples spread over the ground, they will spend hours trying to lick the pellets off of the ground. Easy to use, just sprinkle in an area and wait for the deer to show up.


  • Easy to use
  • Will not clog feeders
  • Can be mixed with any type of feed
  • Easier to get into the woods than apples
  • When spread on the ground, deer will search for each morsel, staying a long time
  • Made with 100% real apples
  • A 4 lb bag is equal to a full bushel of apples

Attraction Directions:

  • Preseason: Start hooking your deer early. Make a small pile of straight Rut'n Apples or mix with grain feeds.
  • During the Season: Just sprinkle the pellets among the leaves and your bucks will risk it all to find the Rut’n Apples® morsels. It’s like hunting the rut all season.
  • Use with Game Camera to see what is really out there. Make a small pile of straight Rut'n Apples® or mix with grain feeds and place in an area you want to scout. After a couple of feedings, just sprinkle among the leaves to keep the deer in the area longer.
  • Mix with feed to increase consumption. Remember, this four-pound bag is equivalent to a whole bushel of fresh apples, so it will not take much to increase feed consumption. Add 1 pound of Rut'n Apples® per 100 pounds of feed to dramatically increase consumption.

Contents: 4 lb. Bag

Brand Evolved Harvest
Manufacturer Part Number 20408

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