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Rooster Booster® Triple Action™ Multi-Wormer

Rooster Booster , 50101
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This concentrate is a chicken vitamin and mineral supplement and dewormer all-in-one top dress feed.


Rooster Booster® Triple Action™ Multi-Wormer is a Type-B medicated top dress feed concentrate, vitamin and mineral supplement and dewormer in one. It contains essential amino acids and direct-fed microbials. A multi-action product that kills round worms, cecal worms, and capillary worms in poultry. 

Indications For Use: To control infestation of large roundworms (Ascaris galli), cecal worms (Heterakis gallinae), and capillary worms (capillaria obsignata).


  • Kills roundworms, cecal worms and capillary worms
  • No egg withdrawal
  • 3 day withdrawal for slaughter
  • Comes in a 1.25 lb container

How To Use Broilers & Laying Chickens: Feed Multi-Wormer continuously, the most efficient control of any parasitic disease is prevention of re-infection. Mix one scoop of Multi-Wormer per pound of feed. Mix 1.25 pounds of Multi-Wormer pellets with 50 pounds of feed. Provides .005 grams of Hygromycin B per pound

When to See Results: Produces a slow elimination of worms from the bird into the feces. The worm burden is reduced in the bird over a few weeks. In the case of capillary worms, it may take up to 6 weeks to produce the desired results.

Is Multi-Wormer Safe For Consumers & Chickens? This is a safe feed additive for chickens when used according to label directions. Birds fed Multi-Wormer are required to have it withdrawn 3 days prior to slaughter. The eggs produced from hens fed Multi-Wormer are safe for human consumption. Studies show there is no significant residue in the eggs of chickens treated by Hygromycin B.

Manufacturer Part Number 50101
Animal Poultry & Gamebird

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Customer Reviews

  • 5 Stars

    Great product and easy purchase

    Review by on Jan 13, 2017

    Our chickens were looking horrible and some had lost weight. Within a few days they looked better and after a week they were fully feathered again and back to their happy selves!! Great product and easy to administer! I will use it again in the future.

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