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Rooster Booster® B-12 Liquid For Sheep & Goats

Rooster Booster
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Give healthy goats and sheep a boost and help anemic animals recover faster.


Keep your sheep and goat healthy with Rooster Booster® B-12 Liquid for Sheep & Goats. Vitamin B12 is key to red blood cell production, nervous system function, sperm production, normal growth and the proper function of the immune system. Supplementing with B-12 increases appetite, energy, and weight gain. It also helps anemic animals bounce back and recover.


  • Super concentrated 10,000 mcg of pure B-12 per ounce
  • Very palatable
  • For all classes of sheep and goats

Feeding Instructions: 10cc-20cc may be mixed in feed or administered orally via a syringe

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