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Revolver™ Soft Bait Rodenticide

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Revolver™ Soft Bait Rodenticide - 8 lb. Pail 230720
Revolver™ Soft Bait Rodenticide - 16 lb. Pail 230721

This soft bait outperforms wax blocks and pellets and has a low cost per placement.

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Use as a part of your Liphatech Rodenticide Rotation System.

Reduce the risk of a disease outbreak and solve rodent problems quickly with Revolver™ Soft Bait. It contains the most palatable Bromadiolone rodenticide available.  Revolver™ is formulated at 50 PPM (parts per million). Rotate to Revolver™ when replacing less effective green wax blocks (see rotation chart above).

This extremely palatable bait has faster acceptance than wax blocks or pellets. It will not melt in high temperatures and has a low cost per placement. Revolver™ gives you fast control of rats and mice. This single feed anticoagulant bait is perfect for tight areas where rodents live and breed. It contains food-grade oils and grains. The aroma escapes through the pouch to attract rodents and encourage feeding. Revolver™ creates less mess — rodents consume bait instead of scattering it. There is a bittering agent added to help avoid accidental consumption by animals.


  • Outperforms competitive wax blocks and pellets
  • Low cost per placement
  • 0% wax = fast acceptance acceptance and control
  • Less bait waste, saving you money
  • Will not melt in high temperatures
  • 12-gram pouch fits in hard to reach places

Active Ingredient: Bromadiolone

Bait Color: Green

Mode of Action: Second-Generation Anticoagulant

Effectiveness Time Frame: 4 - 5 Days

Available In:

  • #230720 — 8 lb. Pail of approximately 302 Soft Bait Pouches
  • #230721 — 16 lb. Pail of approximately 604 Soft Bait Pouches

About the Active Ingredient: Bromadiolone is a potent anticoagulant rodenticide. It is a second-generation 4-hydroxycoumarin derivative and vitamin K antagonist often called a "super-warfarin" for its added potency and tendency to accumulate in the liver of the poisoned organism. When first introduced to the UK market in 1980, it was effective against the populations that had become resistant to the first generation anticoagulants. The product may be used both indoors and outdoors for rats and mice. The lack of vitamin K in the circulatory system reduces blood clotting and will cause death in large dosages due to internal hemorrhaging. When compared to other anticoagulant rodenticides, Bromadiolone has a good level of activity against the brown rat, and moderate levels of activity against mice.

Always Read and Follow Label Directions.

Liphatech Rat/Mouse Bait Comparison Chart:

Part #NameActive IngredientAbout Active IngredientBest UsesBait FormulationSpecial Features
FastDraw® Difethialone
(Single-feed anticoagulant)
- Liphatech exclusive
- Contains 1/2 the active ingredient, increasing palatability
- 25 ppm
- Knock down large or small rodent populations
- Low-cost placements for monitoring or maintainance
- Fast acceptance and results even with competing food
- Contains no wax
- Will not melt or lose palatability in hot or cold temps
- Soft Bait
- 10 gm pouch - flexible baiting options
- Food grade oils & grains - aroma escapes to attract
- Easily secured in a bait station, skewered on a wire, placed between & below floor slats or on a nail
- Faster rodent feeding than conventional baits
- Less bait waste
- Unmatched control in every bite
- 8 lb pail contains approx. 364 pouches
- 16 lb pail contains approx. 727 pouches
Revolver™ Bromadiolone
(Single-feed anticoagulant)
- Liphatech exclusive
- 50 ppm
- Most commonly used ingredient
- Great rotation partner when switching from FastDraw®
- Low cost per placement to take out rodent populations or as a monitoring bait
- Soft Bait
- 12 gram pouch - flexible baiting options
- Most advanced formulation with bromadiolone as the active ingredient
- Food grade oils & grains - aroma escapes to attract
- Easy secured in a bait station, skewered on a wire, placed between & below floor slats or on a nail
- No wax - will not melt in high temps or lose palatability in cold temps
- Less bait waste
- More palatability than wax blocks/pellets
- 8 lb pail contains approx. 302 pouches
- 16 lb pail contains approx. 604 pouches
BootHill® Bromadiolone
(Single-feed anticoagulant)
- Liphatech exclusive
- 50 ppm
- Mini-blocks easily secured in bait stations
- Great rotation partner in any rodent control program
- Paraffinized pellets resist moisture, great for burrow baiting
- Paraffin bars for tough, wet conditions
- Excellent Norway rat control
- Mini blocks (1 oz) have multiple edges to encourage feeding, easily secured in stations
- Paraffinized Pellets (bulk) are best choice for baiting Norway rat burrows, max. moisture resistance
- Pellet Place Packs (1.5 oz) minimize contact with rodenticide, pre-measured dose & cost effective
- Contains whole food grade grains
- Trusted brand for 30+ yrs
Hombre™ Difethialone
(Single-feed anticoagulant)
- Liphatech exclusive
- 25 ppm to increase palatabilty
- Best mini block for great result
- Blocks and place packs easily secured in stations
- Great mouse/rat control
- Lots of baiting options
- Mini Blocks (20 gram) have multiple edges to encourage feeding, less wax content, food grain grains & seeds attract & encourage feeding
- Pellets (bulk) are great for controlling mice where pellet hoarding is not a concern
- Pellet Place Packs (25 gram) minimize contact with rodenticide, pre-measured dose & cost effective
- Contains less wax & dye to enhance palatability
- Great taste rodents can't resist
230700 Gunslinger® Bromethalin
(Acute toxin)
-100 ppm - Use during de-population & clean-out
- Prevents resistance by breaking anticoagulant cycle
- Fast results - death within 24-48 hrs
- Mini Blocks (0.5 oz) have gnawing edges to promote feeding, each 4 lb. pail contains approx. 130 mini blocks, convenient & easy to use - Stop-feed action kills more with less & reduces cost
- No known resistance
Brand Liphatech



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Customer Reviews

  • 4 Stars

    Pest control

    Review by on Oct 9, 2016

    Great product used plenty of time never let me down

  • 5 Stars

    Very good product

    Review by on Aug 14, 2015

    best thing I've found to get rid of voles in my yard.

  • 5 Stars

    Great Product

    Review by on Oct 3, 2013

    Unbelievable!! It worked so fast and so well. I have spent a lot of money of rodenticides and have never had anything work this well on Norway rats.

  • 5 Stars

    Good Bait

    Review by on Feb 28, 2013

    I tried some of this bait in one of my out buildings where I had been using a different brand. They starting using it right away, and even left the other bait for this. In 2 days found 3 dead mice and there were probably more I didn't find. Very good product.

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