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Recovery Straps — 2 x 30

QC Supply Part #: 92070-2X30
Shipping: Standard
Availability: In stock

The slingshot action will help recover stuck vehicles.

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Erickson Manufacturing's Recovery Straps are easy to use — simply attach the loops to approved towing hooks on both vehicles. With stuck vehicles, the web will stretch and once it tightens, it will slingshot the stuck vehicle out.

These straps feature a sewn end loop with an overlay of high-tenacity nylon to ensure longer life in the pull area, where most wear occurs. The sewn loop makes it easier to attach the strap loop to the tow hooks.

Sizes Available:

  • #92070-2 x 30 — 2" x 30’, 18,000 lbs. Breaking Strength, 9,000 lbs. Max. Vehicle Weight
  • #92070-3 x 30 — 3" x 30’, 27,000 lbs. Breaking Strength, 13,500 lbs. Max. Vehicle Weight
  • #92070-4 x 30 — 4" x 30’, 35,000 lbs. Breaking Strength, 17,500 lbs. Max. Vehicle Weight
  • #92070-6 x 30 — 6" x 30’, 55,000 lbs. Breaking Strength, 27,500 lbs. Max. Vehicle Weight
Brand Erickson Manufacturing
Manufacturer Part Number 59600

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