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RatX™ RatX Rodent Bait - 3 lb Bag

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No risk to children, pets, livestock or birds.


RatX™ is a rodenticide bait pellet used for the control of rats and mice. This 100% naturally derived bait is completely non-toxic and is safe for people, pets and wildlife. It can be used indoors and outdoors.

Available Sizes: 8 oz bag (#230900), 1 lb bag (#230901), and 3 lb bag (#230902).

Features & Benefits:

  • NO risk to children or pets
  • NO risk to livestock or birds
  • NO risk of either primary or secondary poisoning, making it bird of prey friendly
  • NO known resistance
  • NO special requirements for transport, handling, storage or disposal
  • NO risk of contamination to crops or food
  • NO environmental pollution, fully biodegradable

How Long Does it Take for RatX™ to Work?

  • When used correctly, death will occur within 3-5 days of regular feeding. More rodents may be seen during this time period as they become lethargic and slower to react to disturbance

How Much Does it Take to Kill Them?

  • Between 40-60 grams per rat and 10-15 grams per mouse. To encourage consumption, other sources of food should be cleared away

What Happens if my Pet Eats a Mouse or Rat Killed by RatX™?

  • Nothing, because RatX™ contains no poison, so there is no risk of secondary poisoning. Your cat and dog are perfectly safe, as are horses, poultry and other livestock. It is the same for birds of prey

Active Ingredients:

  • 55.0% Corn Gluten Meal
  • 2.0% Sodium Chloride


  • Livestock yards
  • Pig & poultry farms
  • Conventional & organic farming
  • Equestrian centers
  • Game farms
  • Forestry & woodland management
  • Food processing, packing & storage areas
  • Secure institutions
  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Parks & other public areas
  • Safe to use on and around nature trails
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