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Prozap® Mole & Gopher Pelleted Bait

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Use to control moles and/or pocket gophers in manual, below-ground applications.

Prozap® Mole & Gopher Pelleted Bait is a fast-acting bait formulated to be appealing to rodents. It will effectively control infestations of mice or rats, as well as moles and gophers.

Acute Toxicant: Zinc Phosphide (2%). Zinc phosphide, a powerful acute rodenticide, is contained in all Prozap® rodent bait formulations. These fast-acting baits are formulated with a special blend of processed grains that are especially appealing to rodents.

Low Secondary Poisoning Potential: Zinc phosphide pellets have low secondary poisoning potential because the active ingredient does not accumulate in the tissues of the target animals. Zinc phosphide reacts with the acidic conditions in the gut to form phospine gas. The gas results in direct irritaiton of the gastrointestinal tract along with cardiovascular collapse, resulting in death. When given a choice, non-target species typically refuse to eat the contaminated digestive tract, resulting in fewer secondary poisonings occurrences.

Reduces Accidental Game Bird Poisonings: Turkeys and pheasants are known to avoid ingestion of foreign foods such as pellets. This instinctual feeding behavior may aid in reducing accidental poisonings compared to the use of zinc phosphide cracked corn baits.

Features & Advantages:

  • Rapid and economical control of large infestations of mice or rats in and around livestock and poultry buildings; gophers can also be effectively controlled with direct burrow application
  • Attractive protein concentrations
  • The pellet size helps prevent shattering and dust formation when being loaded into mechanical spreaders or during application
  • Contains less dust than competitor formulations
  • Pellets utilize a special hardening agent and can withstand up to 1 1/2" of rainfall before melting
  • Easily filters through vegetation
  • Prozap®'s small pellet size is preferred by mice
  • Kills moles and gophers right where they live; direct baiting to underground burrows, tunnels and mounds
  • Fast acting; works within hours
  • Measuring scoop included for easy application

Above & Below Ground Applications:

  • Grape vineyards
  • Macadamia nut orchards
  • Nursery stock (ornamental and non-bearing fruit trees
  • Orchards & groves
  • Rangeland
  • Sugarcane
  • Reduced tilage & no-till corn
  • Non-crop areas including golf courses, lawns, parks, rights-of-way
  • Alfalfa fields
  • In and around buildings, including homes, agricultural and industrial buildings and other man-made structures

Flexible Application Methods:

  • Broadcasting by aircraft, ground driven equipment or hand (gloved)
  • In-furrow applications at the time of planning (reduced tillage and no-till corn)
  • Artificial burrow-building machines beneath the soil surface
  • Spot treatments using bait stations or trail baiting
  • Burrow treatments

Contents: 1 lb jar

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