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PROZAP® Fly-Die Defense™

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Control house flies, mosquitoes, gnats and more on horses and foals with PROZAP Fly-Die Defense. The spray can be applied directly to the animal or used as a space spray. Available in a 1-quart or 1-gallon bottle.


  • Synergized ready-to-use equine spray with goldshine technology
  • Contains .025% Pyrethrins, .25% PBO and .5% DDVP (Vapona)
  • Controls face flies, house flies, stable flies, mosquitoes and gnats on horses and foals
  • Control face flies, housefies, stable flies, mosquitoes and gnats

How To Use:

  • Horses
    • Apply 1-2 oz on each animal
    • Pay close attention to the back, flanks, legs, belly & shoulders
    • Do not use in excess of 2 oz per adult animal
    • Apply proportionally less to smaller animals
    • Do not soal skin, or wet the hide
    • See label for full instructions
  • For Barns & Stables
    • Animals must be removed prior to treatment
    • Apply at the rate of 1 oz. spray per 1,000 cu. ft.
    • See label for full instructions
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