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Prescription Treatment® brand Alpine® Ant & Termite Foam

BASF , AM59011849
QC Supply Part #: 230661
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This non-repellent foam can be used with Termidor treatments for termites, ants and other insects.

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Prescription Treatment Alpine® Ant & Termite Foam is the first non-repellent foam good enough to be used with Termidor® (#230665) for termites and ants.**

This BASF-approved foam partner for Termidor® termiticide/insecticide won’t compromise your Termidor® treatment zone or your desire for the best pest control available. Alpine® foam is part of a family of Prescription Treatment® brand Alpine® Insecticides that contain the active ingredient dinotefuran, a non-repellent the EPA has granted reduced-risk status for public health use.

**Alpine foam treatments can be used in addition to full conventional or exterior perimeter/localized interior treatments according to the directions for use on the Termidor® label.

General Information:

  • Quick control of isolated subterranean and drywood termite infestations
  • Highly effective on ants known for interior infestation (such as Argentine, ghost, pharaoh and white footed ) as well as foraging carpenter ants
  • Dry foam solution (30:1) allows for quick delivery into voids and other immediate-need interior/outdoor areas
  • Easy-to-use hose and delivery tip
  • Handle termite infestations (especially swarmers) immediately and pacify your fears until the day of Termidor® treatment

Kills: Termites* (including subterranean and drywood), Wood Destroying Insects (Powder Post Beetles, Old House Borer, Wharf Borer), Ants (Including: Argentine, foraging Carpenter, Ghost, Pharaoh, White Footed; Excluding: Fire and Harvester), Asian Lady Bugs, Boxelder Bugs, Cluster Flies, Elm Leaf Beetles

For Use In & Around Structures & Outdoors: Apartments, Homes, Hotels, Food/Feed Handling Establishments (non-food/feed areas only), Restaurants, Hotels, Hospitals and Nursing Homes (Non-patient Areas), Motels, Hobby Greenhouses, Interior Scapes, Office Buildings, Schools**, Transportation Equipment (Buses, Boats, Ships, Trains, Planes†), Warehouses and Other Commercial and Industrial Buildings

Active Ingredient: 0.025% Dinotefuran

Contents: 20 oz. can

* Not a substitute for mechanical alteration, soil or foundation treatment.

** Do not apply to classrooms when in use.

† Do not use in aircraft cabins.

Keep Out of Reach of Children and Pets. Always Read and Follow Label Directions.

Brand BASF
Manufacturer Part Number AM59011849
Insect Ant

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