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Poulan Pro® 2 24" Snow Thrower (PR624ES)

Poulan , PR624ES
QC Supply Part #: 351901
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Easy out of the box set-up, long life and easy service. Ideal size for sidewalks and driveways.


Take care of all that unwanted snow with a Poulan Pro® 2 24" Snow Thrower (PR624ES). This 24" electric start snow thrower is built like a tank and balanced for heavy snow. Built with an ergonomic handle, easy-to-use controls that have a single motion, a high performance auger/impeller with high velocity discharge and a super slow speed setting for heavy and deep snow.

Well suited for residential use in areas with light-to-moderate snowfall, making it the ideal choice for your sidewalks and driveways. This heavy-duty snow thrower uses deep-tread tires and comfortable loop handles for maximum maneuverability on snowy terrain. The easily accessible control panel keeps you in control of the auger, throttle, discharge chute and snow deflector.

This two-stage snow thrower employs an auger with an additional impeller for greater efficiency, which allows it to remove snow faster and throw it farther. The adjustable skid plate allows for alterations to the height of the scraper bar for use on a variety of surfaces, including concrete, dirt, and ice. The discharge chute and deflector are controlled remotely, allowing the snow to be directed away from the user at a chosen distance. An integrated tool facilitates quick cleaning of the discharge chute.

What's In The Box? PR624ES Snow Thrower, Power Cord, Safety Ignition Key, Multi-Wrench, and User Manual.

Some assembly is required. Your new snow thrower has been assembled at the factory, with the exception of parts left un-assembled for shipping purposes. All part such as nuts, washers, bolts, etc., necessary to complete the assembly have been placed in the parts bag.

Powerful 208cc Engine 4-cycle OHV engine that removes the heaviest of snows

  • 208cc
  • 2 quart (1.89 L) fuel tank
  • Designed for colder climates
  • 2 Ways to Start-Up
    • Electric starting fires up the engine by using the included power cord connected to a standard 120 V outlet and pressing the electric start button on the engine. It will fire up without priming.
    • Or traditional recoil starting

Drive System:

  • Maneuver effortlessly through slippery conditions
  • Friction disc drive
  • Steel gear case
  • Variable forward and reverse speeds
  • Drive speed lever controls the snow thrower's speed and direction (forward/reverse)
  • Traction drive lever allows you to quickly engage or disengage the drive system

Snow Hog Tires:

  • 13" x 5" tire size
  • Heavy-duty tires prevent slipping and improve traction


  • 12" diameter
  • Auger is serrated steel
  • Impeller is welded steel


  • Steel
  • Quick-turn rotation
  • 200° turning radius
  • 50' maximum throwing distance

Other Details:

  • 180 lbs (motor freight shipping required)
  • 51" L x 34" W x 28" H
  • 0.5 gallon gas capacity
  • Unleaded regular fuel ONLY
  • SAE 30 (above 50°: F; SAE 5W-30 or 10W-30 32° F - 50°: F; SAE 5W30 below 32° F
  • 16 oz oil capacity
  • F6RTC spark plug
  • 0.030" spark plug gap

See Image Above for Locations of the Following Features:

  • Toolbox used to store spare shear bolts, locknuts and wrench
  • Safety Ignition Key must be inserted for the engine to start and run. Remove when snow thrower is not in use
  • Electric Start Button used to start the engine
  • Recoil (Auxiliary) Starter Handle used for starting the engine
  • Primer pumps additional fuel from the carburetor to the cylinder for use when starting a cold engine
  • Choke Control used for starting a cold engine
  • ON/OFF Switch use to stop the engine
  • LH & RH Turn Triggers used to steer the snow thrower
  • Drive Speed Control Lever used to select forward or reverse motion and speed of snow thrower
  • Traction Drive Control Lever used to engage power-propelled forward or reverse motion of snow thrower
  • Auger Control Lever used to engage auger motion (throw snow)
  • Discharge Chute Control Lever used to change the direction the snow is thrown
  • Deflector Remote Control Lever used to change the distance the snow is thrown
  • Skid Plate used to adjust height of the scraper bar from the ground
Brand Poulan
Manufacturer Part Number PR624ES

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