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Plumb® Solid Steel Rip Claw Hammers

QC Supply Part #: 351619
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Two weights of claw hammers utilizing anti-vibration technology.

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These Plumb® Solid Steel Rip Claw Hammers utilize exclusive Vibration Reduction Technology for the ultimate in anti-vibration performance. This means they can be used all day with less fatigue and a lower chance of joint discomfort. Dual material contoured grips add exceptional comfort and control.


  • High-luster, full polished finish
  • One-piece solid steel construction
  • Co-molded contoured handle
  • Patent pending anti-vibration technology
  • Polished face finish
  • Solid Steel handle type
  • Rip claw type
  • Polished head finish
  • SS20RN 20 oz Hammer
    • Head Weight: 20 oz
    • Length: 13.75"
  • SS22RN 22 oz Hammer
    • Head Weight: 22 oz
    • Length: 15.875"
Brand Plumb

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