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PigEasy™ PipePik™

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Easily clean feed tube systems with little effort.

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The PigEasy™ PipePik™ is a feed tube cleaner powered by a cordless drill (sold separately), allowing the user to unplug and clean a lot of feed tubes in a short amount of time with little effort. Its contoured design is easy to operate and works on virtually all sizes of drop tubes.


  • Removes mold toxins, rust, dust and crust
  • Prevents feed tube plugging
  • Allows cleaning to be done in sow crate
  • Dimensions: 14" x 10" x 2.5"


  • Use with a 3/8" cordless drill (sold separately). For best results, use a reversible, slip clutch drill
  • Place drill on 5/16" rod; tighten the chuck to secure the drill to the rod
  • The brush must be retracted to insert into the tube
  • Have one hand on the handle and one hand on the drill, retract the brush until it stops or it is collapsed inside the PipePik™
  • To retract the brush, or to extend the brush, the drill must be rotating at the time. It can rotate in either direction. Always retract or extend the brush while in a feed tube to ensure safe operation
  • With the brush retracted, place the brush end into the bottom of the feed tube
  • PipePik™ performs best if the speed setting is on the highest setting
  • With the drill set on high, start rotating your drill and extend brush into the feed tube by pushing the 5/16" rod down toward the bottom of the PipePik™
  • Extend and retract the brush several times with the drill running to clean the feed tube
  • You may find it beneficial to change the rotation of the drill and repeat the process until the tube is satisfactorily cleaned
  • Always retract the brush into the PipePik™ when done. You are ready to start your next feed tube cleaning
  • Periodically the brushes should be pulled apart so they are expanded far enough to work well in the feed tube. Only do this when the brush is not attached to the drill and the brush has not been in operation
Brand PigEasy
Animal Swine

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