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PigEasy™ MealMeter­™

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Easy to install and remove with adapted drop feed tube in gestation system.


Achieve maximum feed intake at critical times in a sow's reproductive cycle while greatly reducing feed waste with a PigEasy™ MealMeter™. This ad lib feeding device is inserted into a drop feed tube in gestation or a PigEasy™ Lactation Boot (#30627, sold separately). It allows the sow/gilt to eat at will, which is proven to achieve maximum feed intake for pre-bred gilts, weaned sows, under-conditioned sows and lactating sows.


  • Durable, injection molded plastic
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Allows staff to make adjustments to the feed level without feed going to waste
  • Achieves maximum feed intake for gilts, lactating sows, weaned sows, under-conditioned sows, and cult sows
  • Brings incoming gilts back to full feed by Day 1
  • Increases Parity 1 performance
  • Brings under-conditioned sows into metabolic mode, helps to recover more quickly
  • Allows conditioning to be done by 35-day preg check, ready for pen gestation
  • Increases lifetime production
  • Reduces replacement rates
  • The OD of the MealMeter™ is 2.83" and the ID of the tube which the MealMeter™ slides into is 2.85" (Lactation Boot)
  • Dimensions: 11" x 5"
Brand PigEasy
Feeder Type Sow
Animal Swine

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