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Phason Supra-RS Expansion Board - 20 Amp

, K210050
QC Supply Part #: 11726
Shipping: Standard
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This Expansion Board for the Supra-RS is quick and easy to install and has four outputs you can configure.

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Expand the capabilities of your Phason Supra-RS (#11725) with this Expansion Board Kit. It allows you to connect equipment requiring 0-10 Volt input, such as variable frequency drives or modulating valves. This kit installs in seconds and has four outputs you can configure for cooling or heating. Each output has its own settings and functions the same as the Supra's other variable stages. Requires a Supra with an expansion connector and firmware version 2.00 or later.


  • Quick and easy installation
  • No additional configuration required
  • 90 day limited manufacturer warranty
Brand Phason
Manufacturer Part Number K210050

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