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Phason LDB Light Dimmer Box

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LED, CFL and incandescent compatible, this dimmer box is great for a number of different lighting applications.

The Phason LDB Light Dimmer Box allows for versatile lighting control for a variety of applications. This easy-to-use product controls LED, CFL, or incandescent lights for many types of operations. Configure the lighting program to run for up to 365 days. The lighting program consists of events and schedules. An event is a change in light output at a specific time. A schedule is a group of days that have the same events. There are separate ramp-up and ramp-down durations.

The Light Dimmer Box can control lights requiring variable AC or a 0 to 10 V DC-signal. An internal disconnect switch is included for the DC-signal output.


  • LED, CFL, and incandescent compatibility
  • 2 automatic modes
  • Power mode controls by 0 to 100% power output
  • Sensor mode controls by measured lux output (Requires DOL 16 light sensor)
  • Configurable 365-day lighting program
  • Up to 20 schedules/lighting periods, per control mode
  • Up to 12 events per schedule
  • Separate ramp-up and ramp-down durations
  • Automatic program restart option
  • Manual override
  • AC and 0-10 DC signal output
  • Internal disconnect relay
  • Light sensor connection
  • Light output calibration
  • 20-character, four-line backlit LCD display
  • Real-time clock with power-failure settings protection
  • CSA approval
  • Limited 2-year manufacturer warranty

Incoming Power:

  • 120/230 VAC, 50/60 Hz

Control Fuse:

  • 250 V, 1 A fast-acting glass

Variable AC:

  • 20 A at 120/230 VAC, general-purpose (resistive)
  • 2300 W at 120 VAC, 4600 W at 230 VAC

Variable DC:

  • 0 to 10 V, 50 Ω, 200 mA


  • 20 A at 120 V tungsten, 230 V ballast
  • 1 HP at 120 VAC, 2 HP at 230 VAC
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