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Osborne™ One Litter Heat Mat

, FH-RSE106
QC Supply Part #: 250226
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Narrow size provides warmth to piglets while minimizing crush loss.


Specifically designed for narrow creep areas, the "L" shaped Osborne™ One Litter Heat Mat provides evenly distributed heat on the 7" horizontal and 5" vertical sides.This narrow heat mat safely keeps piglets a maximum distance from the sow, minimizing crush loss. Like other farrowing heat mats, it provides evenly distributed heat 30-35° F above air temperature.


  • Size: 1' x 6'; 7" horizontal x 5" vertical
  • Power Output: 150 W (max)
  • Energy Used: 3.60 kWh/Day/Litter

Unique Shape, Easy to Clean: The unique shape of this heat pad provides a 5" high heated draft barrier and readily attaches to creep dividers with pre-drilled holes on the vertical portion. Washing the underside is easy. Simply raise up the creep divider and place a spacer under the creep divider to wash the underside. The mat is easily cleaned right along with the creep divider.

Brand Osborne Industries
Manufacturer Part Number FH-RSE106
Animal Swine



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