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Opt-E-Horse® Complete

Opt-E-Horse , 65-2000-3
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Single feeding supplement is for horses of all ages.


Opt-E-Horse® Complete meets the needs of horses in all stages of life and performance. This nutrient-packed, easy-to-feed, all-in-one supplement offers money and time savings over multiple feeding supplements. Labeling includes feeding instructions for horses at various sizes, ages, workloads and phases of reproduction. This 3 lb. container provides a 45-90 day supply for one horse. This supply amount depends on the condition and workload of the horses.

  • Opt — A unique combination of digestive aids and antioxidants equals optimum conditioning and performance
  • E — Natural-Source Vitamin E absorbs into your horse's body better than synthetic vitamin E because it comes from vegetable oil (not petroleum like its synthetic substitute), allowing your horse to fully benefit from the vitamin E compound.
  • Horse — Ideal for all types of horses from performance to pleasure horses. Any horse, especially those under stress from traveling, working, training and showing, can benefit from this great supplement.
  • Complete — A supplemental source of vitamins, minerals, digestive aids, probiotics and biotin, Opt-E-Horse is filled with all the vitamins, minerals and aids horses need in addition to their regular diet. This unique all-in-one formula eliminates the risk and cost of feeding multiple supplements.

Description: Supplemental source of vitamins (including natural-source vitamin E), trace minerals and live (viable) naturally-occurring microorganisms for all breeds & all ages.

Contents: 3 lb. container

Brand Opt-E-Horse
Manufacturer Part Number 65-2000-3
Animal Horse

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