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Orphan-No-More™ Calf Claimer Powder

, 000899
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Field tested on cattle in Nebraska and Iowa.

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Orphan-No-More™ (formerly O-No-More™) aids newborn calf adoption by natural or foster mothers. The easy-to-use powder has been field tested on cattle in Nebraska and Iowa.

Directions for Use: Sprinkle a liberal amount of Orphan-No-More™ down the backline from ears to tail head of the calf to be adopted. If the calf is dry, dampen the area before use for better adhesion. Whenever feasible, confine mother (or foster mother) and calf in close quarters, preferably out of the wind, since odor plays an important role in calf adoption.

Contents By Weight:

  • Animal Protein Products — 95.24%
  • Ammonia — 4.76%

Contents: 9 oz.

Brand Springer Magrath
Manufacturer Part Number 000899
Animal Cattle

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