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Nicholson® 6" x 5/32" Chainsaw Round File

Nicholson , 01630
QC Supply Part #: 351825
Shipping: Standard
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This 6" long chainsaw round file will keep your chainsaw cutting.


Use this Nicholson® 6" x 5/32" Chainsaw Round File to keep your chainsaw chains sharp.


  • American pattern round chainsaw file
  • Round shape, smooth cut, straight tang
  • Tighten tension on chain to firmly support cutters when filing
  • File from inside to outside of cutter
  • Place file against beveled cutting surface of teeth 20° to 45° with saw
  • Follow saw manufacturers' specifications
  • Sharpen all left hand cutters on one side of chain. Then move to the other side and file all the right hand cutters
  • Check depth gauge height every 2 or 3 sharpenings
  • Height between cutting teeth and depth gauge is between .020" to .030"
Brand Nicholson
Manufacturer Part Number 01630



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